The five winning bids of my sale for club funds

Pigeon 1 to be bred by M Lyons—bought by G Wallace Tindale crescent £110— will ring with Michaels number .

Pigeon 2 to be bred by Jeff Turnbull
Pigeon 3 to be bred by James/Hannet—- both bought by Adrian Simpson 12 Kennedy cres Dunfermline £100 — £100

Pigeon4 to be bred by T Twentyman —bought by B Hodgson—£90

Pigeon 5 to be bred by A Hawthorn — bought by K Coils sacriston — £200.

Payment can be bank transfer ,cheque or cash ,if posting cash must be registered with proof of posting.
Bank account -
Sort code -
Details to follow

Durham County Council Allotments

Many members will have seen the press coverage of the Council introducing new rules about allotments
Over the last week I have been discussing with a local councillor the implications of this
I now have in writing a list of answers to my questions,basically there should be no problem for existing tenants ,new tenants will be able to have pigeons,no licence for pigeons is required
One problem is that there is no joint tenancies of allotments so if the registered tenant passed away the Council have the right to evict any partners from the allotment

Sponsorship Gien

James Goldsborough and Alyson have agreed to sponsor Gien again there is £100 for the best 2 bird performance
Thanks to James and Alyson

Alan Brown

WDA Presentation Night 2020

Due to the unavailability os Shildon on and Saturdays in November of December this years Presentation night will be held on FRIDAY 13th November 2020 at Shildon Civic Hall secretaries please don’t clash

Alan Brown


Some notes from last nights meeting
Officials as 2019
Weather Committee M Wade , S Meadows and P Matthews
Emergency Committee M Wade, S Meadows , P Matthews T Coils and A Brown
Old Birds all up together
Young Bird FIRST 4 races
Group 1 Consett
Group 2 Tyne Derwent,Annfield Plain and Newcastle
Group 3 Darlington ,Cockfield,Crook West Durham ,Deerness Valley
First 2 YB races group1 and 2 will be at Wetherby,group 3 at Wakefield
3rd race group 1 and 2 at Wakefield, group 3 at Thoresby Hall

New WDA trophy

Peter Caine and Andrew Morgan have been involved it getting a new trophy to the WDA
The trophy will be called the WDA General Champions Trophy and will be awarded to the loft with the best average velocity over all of the WDA races 2 inland old bird nationals ,yearling Classic,young bird National and 5 channel races 9 in total
The member needs to time a bird in each race and by adding all the times and the flying distances a velocity can be obtained , the bird does not have to be in the first 100 of the Amalgamation

Billericay Derby

Was it not discussed to basket Friday night and race Saturday weather permitting rather than basketing Saturday afternnon
Alan Todd

WDA Race Programme

Date. Race. Dispatch
4th April. Wakefield. Friday
11th April. Thoresby Hall. Friday
18th April. Leicester. Friday
25th April. Peterborough. Friday
2nd May. Billericay. Friday
9th May. Maidstone Nat. Friday
16th May. Leicester. Friday
23rd May. Arras. Thursday
30th May. Maidstone Nat. Friday
6th June. Roye Queens Cup. Thursday

Norman Spence ,Tow Law Homing Society

I received a message today to say that Norman had passed away this morning
I first meet Little Norman ,as he was affectionately known, in the early 1970s when I was a surveyor with the local authority and Norman was a bricklayer with them
He then started helping out the late Banty Emerson ,although not a partner he helped out a lot
Norman eventually flew on his own in Billy Row HS and for a while was Secretary of the club

quiz time

on page 20 of the Northern Echo 28/01/2020 there is a picture on the bottom left hand side SNOW ON COCKFIELD FELL, CAN YOU SPOT THE LOFT, WHO'S IS IT


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