Young bird

X1290 crook fed in at west Auckland 07862281011

Charity sale

Due the the Corona situation we have decided ( to avoid a gathering) to have this sale via Facebook or you can place a bid by phone. Patrick has put a lot of work into this and it would be good to some money for a very worthy cause. Sale will finish Sunday 22march 8pm. Lots are in comments.

Vale of derwent breeder buyer

had a couple of calls yesterday regarding VODSC breeder/buyer 2020

what are your thoughts

A let the next sale go ahead as normal

B the lads in the WDA that have entered birds have them back for the average price of the birds in first sale £38-90 then nominate ring numbers ..the lads outside the WDA these names to be put on here and go for £38-90

C let the birds in the first sale go as 1 breeder buyer flying for £4199.70

D the remaining entries just nominate ring numbers for your entries and fly for a seperate pot .

any suggestions please

New clocks tindale crescent hs

New clocks finally arrived well done to shaun howe on sorting the Grant's out for them .
Hopefully get to use them in a few weeks

G wallace chairman t.c.h.s

Passion Play Bishop Auckland

What’s this about you may well ask ,a couple of weeks ago I was approached by the organisers of the above to see if I could help with a basket of pigeons for both perfomances of the play which was to take place on Easter Friday in Bishop Auckland market place in front of an audience of 2,500 people for each performance .
As it was going to be the second week of racing the only help I could get for them was from Gary Puckering who is no longer going to race his birds because of health problems ,and he said he would help
They wanted 2 baskets with 6 birds in each


Cockfield federation breeder-buyer still going ahead via auction on WDA website bids via text message. Open to all Wda
Names and ring numbers needed by this saturday 21st of march sale will start sunday 22nd of march and will close sunday 29th of march at 8PM.. young birds to be ready at latest date 8th of April... Race to be flown out of yb national..

Margaret Forster (Funeral arrangements)

Sid has asked me to inform all friends of Margaret that due to the Coronavirus outbreak the funeral on Tuesday next will be strictly family only. There will be no church service or gathering at the golf club later simply a short family service at Mountsett.

Bob Mckie

Email from RPRA to NEHU

WDA training and Racing Delayed

Due to the current health problems racing and training is delayed for a period of 2 weeks
Nobody knows how long this unprecedented period will last and we will be taking advice on any government guidelines that are put in place
Once we have a way forward we will update you on a new programme
The proposed start date will be the 18th April with training to commence on the 4th
The emergency committee have voted as well and the vote was 3 to 2 with both Marin and Stephen voting to try and carry on

Alan Brown

NEHU General Council Meeting Sat 21st March

The above meeting is CANCELLED

Alan Brown


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