Burnopfield Hs


huntingdon 6/7/20

1st j.m bell 1312.02
2nd smith alderson spark 1310.69
3rd j.m bell 1307.74
4th ###### 1295.62
5th ###### 1294.42
6th ###### 1293.86

Leeholme HS Huntingdon

4 lofts sent 82 birds
1st Young & Smith 1328.9
2nd Blacklock &son 1322.9
3rd Blacklock & son 1306.0
4th Blacklock & son 1294.7
5th Blacklock & son 1285.7

Huntingdon Monday 6th July 2020

Birds liberated at 7.10 in a west north west wind

Alan Brown

Liberation time

I appreciate that liberation times are often dictated by the weather conditions on the day. However, as the weather forecast for tomorrow looks to be consistent throughout the day, would it not be possible to give some consideration to those of us who will be at work and possibly liberate a little later in the day?


sad to report that andre hall annfield plain h.s passed away last night a fantastic flyer and gentleman had the pleasure of helping him out on many occasions rest in peace .

Race Saturday 11th July 2020

As you are aware he are having 2 races next Saturday (weather permitting) Roye plus an inland race ,we were hoping to go to Peterborough but it was not available ,then Brian spoke to Billericay,but I can now confirm the inland race will be from HUNTINGDON, pick up times will be announced in the next few days

Alan Brown

Huntingdon Monday 6th July 2020

Just spoke to Peter he is hoping to liberate about 7.00 tomorrow

Alan Brown

Huntingdon Sunday 5th July 2020

Birds go today vote was 3 to 0
Pick up times 1 hour earlier

Alan Brown

Huntingdon Saturday 4th July 2020

Race delayed by 24 hours vote was 3 to 0 ,update Sunday morning

Alan Brown


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