A great day at the garden

Well lads since I had a claim from Clark bros of esh for the hundred pound ring challenge (£1000 prize) I travelled to esh this morning and verified their bird.
All paperwork was in order and bird liberated and returned,the velocity was 1177.017 but will await any other claims ,ASAP if you can please,then I can get distances confirmed and confirm velocity .
While at the loft I was pleased to congratulate Clark bros on having First and Second Amal from Maidstone yesterday but no one has been in touch yet to verify them.
I am pleased for you lads —well done.

Young Bird National £5 Nom

At the moment I have claims for all 3 prizes
If you think you have a bird which is in with a shout please message me.
It stands at the moment:

1st-Alfie Hawthorn- 20 X 2782 - 1310.108
2nd-Alfie Hawthorn- 20 X 1723 - 1310.050
3rd-Wade Bros- 20 X 535 - 1287.796

Money will be payed in the next 7 days if there’s no objections

You have until next Saturday to make any claims

Contact Patrick-07817028538

Tynedale H.S. (Hexham) Averages

Young Bird Average Winner S.Hawkes
Runners up R & K Dodds

Combined Average Winner S.Hawkes
Runner up P.Jackson

Consett & District Fed Maidstone

1) Stobbs Bros & Mosey Medomsley 1316.2
2) Vince & Meadows Chopwell 1315.2
3) Vince & Meadows 1307.4
4) Stobbs Bros & Mosey 1299.2
5) T Slowther Medomsley 1296.4
6) Vince & Meadows 1291.6
7) Vince & Meadows 1282
8) Vince & Meadows 1277.7
9) Vince & Meadows 1277.3
10) Stobbs Bros & Mosey 1276

Young Bird Average Winners Stobbs Bros & Mosey
Runners up Vince & Meadows

Combined Average Winners Stobbs Bros & Mosey
Runners up Vince & Meadows

Young bird national

Massive well done to my good friends Clark bros another Wda win from yb national. Giddy up lads proper organisation. Small but quality not quantity in the Dv fed class racing

Total of points of 2020 season as follows

please check all points to see if they all correct if not call me

Annfield Plain federation result Maidstone

Annfield Plain H.S Average Winners 2020

Combined Average Brown,Croudace & Thwaites 101 Pts
Runner Up Gilbert Bros 84 Pts
Old Bird Combined Brown,Croudace & Thwaites 52 Pts
Runner Up Gilbert Bros 46 Pts
Inland Average Gilbert Bros 46 Pts
Runner Up Brown,Croudace & Thwaites 41 Pts
Channel Average Maca Harris 17 Pts
Runner Up Lawson Bros 14 Pts
Young Bird Average Brown,Croudace & Thwaites 49 Pts
Runner Up Gilbert Bros 38 Pts

Well done All

Annfield Plain H.S Maidstone YB Nat

1st Brown,Croudace & Thwaites 1310
2nd Brown,Croudace & Thwaites 1310
3rd Gilbert Bros 1286
4th Brown,Croudace & Thwaites 1278
5th Brown,Croudace & Thwaites 1267
6th Smith & Moss 1263
7th Smith & Moss 1256
8th G.Fisher 1255
9th Brown,Croudace & Thwaites 1254
10th Smith & Moss 1254

7 lofts sent 171 birds

Well done All

Maidstone National Saturday 19th September 2020 Fed Winners

Deerness Valley. Clark Bros. 1323 and 1323
West Durham. NK and R Mckimm. 1320
Consett. Stobbs Bros &Mosey. 1316
Tyne Derwent. F Thompson. 1313
Newcastle. A Hawthorn. 1310
Annfield Plain. Brown and Croudace. 1310
Cockfield. M Jenkins. 1303
Crook. Caine Bros &Son. 1276
Darlington. Smith Simpson. 1197

Alan Brown


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