Richmond hs / Maidstone nat

After 24 hr delay birds were off to Maidstone, Centre setting at fed hq went without a hitch ,, with only a slight delay with lib . the lads had them on there 250 ish mile fly for home .
north east / fresh with lots of warming sunshine .
with Luggie down to watch for the bird . hopes were high ?
took s little longer than expected. / but birds made easy work of the conditions
68 birds / 6 lofts
Scooby lofts 100% before . of to clocks . YEAH !!
This weeks club winner !!
1st G Barker .son 1268.2
2nd G Barker son 1253.4
3rd J Nelson 1230.8
4th C browne 1220.0
5th G Barker son 1205.2.............pool bird
6th M m Bell 1202.5................pool bird
25p pools G Barker son / WELL DONE Ged !!!

Yesterday at ROMAN RD HS / huntingdon / 105 birds , 7 lofts
Vince had to wait / hold his nerve until 12.o clock
at home end birds were not having a good day , returns very erratic ?? very warm , N/east wind , lots with muddy feet !!
top loft . this week !!
1st D Murphy 1211. 1
2nd D Fletcher 1191.0
3rd W Mellor 1190.1
4th W Mellor 1178.2
5th D Murphy 1168.1
6th M M Bell 1124.2
most bird in for tea time / Scooby lofts bottom of both sheets
Well Done Dave
keep em going .