Richmond hs / Grantham / sub Huntingdon

fantastic weekend with birds ,quick pop down to basket Roman rd birds / back to take over from our lass up at RHS ... weather perfected / up WSW light ..North at home end ,cool .Our lad and his son Eathon . managed to watch birds home ...Little d, from D & d was away swimming .So quite peace full .
79 birds 6 lofts away returns very good all be it broken up ..Ged having his race ruined by flat ETS battery ,just at wrong moment

Fresh name at top of sheet !!!
1st W Mellor 1417.8 5th fed
2nd D & d 1364.9 pooled
3rd W Mellor 1363.1
4th M M Bell 1360.5 pooled
5th R Dixon dtr 1353 .3
6th W Mellor 1346.0

Over at Roman rd ...GRANTHAM somebody having very good weekends racing .
87 birds 6 lofts up 40 mins in front of WDA
1st W Mellor 1428.0
2nd D Fletcher 1417.3
3rd D Fletcher 1416.3
4th D Murphy 1416.1
5th P Webster 1376.2
6th D Murphy 1348.6
7th P Webster 1314
8th J Skelton 1234
well done Will great flying ..
& keep em going lads nearly time for YBs