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I find it both ironic and uneceptable to mess with the program after it has been democratically concluded. In another post Richard proclaims to all, common sense should prevail. It didn't prevail to rescind 13A and 13 b. Now the WDA Has weakened itself by persisting with groups so to prevent losses instead of remaining strong as 1 or even dividing int 2 groups. Richard has had his thinking cap on ie, I know the mighty UNC will decimate the groups, I know well move away from them. Do you think only the UNC Is out there there will be groups from Yorkshire Groups from Lancashire groups from Lincolnshire, You voted to weaken the WDA then face the consequences.



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Yes richard if we can even consider change of a racepoint after an official meeting ,lets have a go at rule 13a and 13b As well ----common sence isnt official meeting so lifbs on time and birds homing from the north.
but then again i carnt see why all splinter groups should always be liberated after the main lib ,seems common sence.

T Ovington


So what exactly has changed to prevent these disasters???
Still up in small groups
and from the same race points these disasters happen from year after year.
And they wonder why the sport is dying. Nice to see some counter measures have been put in place for the welfare of the birds and to try and keep numbers up after first three races and for members to have something left to race as yearlings.

The WDA had the opportunity to change however to many self serving feds. Like Consett would give no 1/4 for the good of all. You look at the democrats within the sport. They don't want devisive measures they were prepared all up together no, left and right no, front and back no.When I was a child my mother used to say you made your bed lie in it.

When you were a child your grandparents broke away from the Mighty Up North because they did not
like being liberated with feds to the East of them and dragging their young birds off track. They didn,t
think big numbers were a help and you have have had a long time to change things and haven,t.
I wonder why all your clubs have boundaries on the West ???

This is absolute horse s..t, In 1958 we broke away from the UNC. This was because of politics, the interests of the Durham fanciers neede to be addressed. I think its rich you coming on here and bleating on about change. Your the one who makes it up as you go along re what Consett fed wants. See previous posts.

It's called west Durham Amal so they should be all up together every week. Also we should have faith in Peter to do his job rather than saying ignore the UNC I'm sure peter has the birds best interest at heart when he waits for the UNC to go before liberating

We shouldn't be anywhere near the UNC where not on there line of flight WEST durham kind of gives that away. If the WDA flew a true line away from the UNC and were up in one lib there's not many other organisations that are going to drawf us. Most would be just fed libs. Youngsters will be flown on natural this season and what ever is left stopped after Newark/Leicester. So there's another two panniers less after then £££

At the WDA AGM I told the delegates that for the last 2 years I have called a special meeting half way through the yb season to discuss the massive loss of ybs, nothings come from those meetings, we carry on doing the same things, you might as well put them all up together, lets be fair it can't get any worse, people want the groups cos it suits their lines of flight, winning has become more important than the welfare of the birds, would the people who say ignore the UNC say the same if they flew in Cockfield or Crook

Reading the beginning of your post I thought Brian Ford voice of reason at last. Im tired of having our racing disrupted to suit the 3 Cs. Becouse they show scant or no regard for anyone else. So no I don't want something democratically brought about altered .

All up together, flying a truer central line to the WDA boundaries not getting sucked out east with the UNC and old hens first few young bird races would see a vast change in returns in those first crucial races.

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There's a lot of people should get there self a look to the meetings and sit and listen to what's going on they will be amazed at how little the feds are willing to work with each other . We are definitely not an amalgamation of feds that want to fly with each other .we sorted other a future of the spot committee and I was hoping there was going to be some new things to the table the best we got was a two bird club for the lads who fly a good pigeon and not for the fanciers that maybe need that little bit extra help to just get there birds home . It's not to far away that feds will have to come together due to there size we really need to get this sorted as we can't afford many more members to be calling it a day

A morgan

How is it loads of people put there views on groups but the Fed delagates that represent the members don't vote for changes .We have had our worst losses for many years ,people complain about these losses.What happens still four groups that take an hour to liberate .All the other organisations have groups as well eg up north 7 liberations .We need size to help bring the birds back.People are deluded to think all the birds are reported up here.Youngg birds are not clearing north they are reported Scarborough Wakefield Nottingham area how many above newcastle answer none.Getting the birds away from the liberation site is the problem not the drag with the up north combine .
I went down to Wakefield lastyear and brought 11 birds back from one flyer in Wakefield The clubs I brought birds back from were Tyne Valley Chester Le Street Spennymoor Richmond and others I also picked birds up in ottley Halifax .When I was there 3 birds from Richmond were in the same loft .they were from the Wakefield race.Mr Dunkley was his name I have his number if anybody would like to ring him.
His exact words were the birds are constantly going east to west in batches for 2 and 3 hours eventually the birds drop out the batches exhausted and drop in lofts ?Wakefield Club members had 25 wda birds in at one time .Wake up to these facts before it's too late
Alan Todd Winlaton H.S

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10 years ago I was hearing the same story about batches of youngsters flying aimlessly up and down the valleys in the Otley area. We need to ask ourselves where the problem really lies. It's clear a lot of the birds don't have the ability and/or confidence to strike out on their own and navigate home.

Some possible reasons:

- Darkening them at the critical time of development when they should be roaming around and getting all their directional senses tuned up;

- Training them in small groups all flying to the same place (that is, by car) so the majority learn that all they have to do is follow the one or two that actually know where they are going, We are training them to stick with the flock;

- Selecting excessively for out and out mad speed while forgetting about those that show consistency and self-confidence as individuals. Believe me, since I moved to Cowshill from High Spen I've realised how many flock followers we have and how few real individualists;

- Missing the early signs of young bird sickness.

As for groups, personally I don't mind if they are all up together or not. Mine have got to break away from the rest near Harrogate and come over Bowes or they are flying extra miles. :-)

Stephen Guthrie
(Tow Law HS)

We never have this problem with old birds out Wakefield Thorsby Hall which is why it think it's essential to have old hens in with them the first few races just to get them up and away from lib site. It's safety in numbers these days and before long we won't have the numbers that could make the difference. If Wakefield has been this bad for so long why on earth are we still flying it? Sounds geographically like a big bottle neck and once there sucked in there's no getting out. Had 4 birds reported just outside Wakefield flown out last year. Bloke said exact same thing, that birds drop over from lib site, into valley and fly up and down unable to climb high enough to get out and basically fly till they drop. Such a shame that members are so stubborn to even try something new and just stick with the same old same and expect better racing. And the 3 C's I know had terrible returns the same as everyone else so baffles the obsession with groups