Channel race problems

Another bad race with widespread losses.This must be the worst set of channel races we have ever had in spite of the weather committee brains trust. The UNC seem to have had better races and have made good calls whereas we have not.
What can we do to get back to the old times when we went on the night and liberated on site when the weather was right.
We will probably need a transit van for Arras


White Grizzle's picture

I fear a Transit might be too big...

Still got the young birds to look forward too yet. at least they shouldn't be as bad as previous years with all the lessons we've learned and changes we've made.

what lessons ? shortest flyers still up with longest .. madness !!! older & wiser than me think same ..fear results will be same ?? but hope not !!

How are the shortest up with the longest Newcastle Annfield Plain Tyne Derwent one group presume you are Richmond your not up with us.Members choose the groups not the West Durham ask you delegates what they ask for
Alan Todd

shortest flyers , up with one of the longest feds !!( picky ) ! you may not be bothered . but our members are voting with there feet don,t think we sent more than 100 yb birds / ave about 50 ......75% 0f members not sending at £14.10 a basket that's a lot of revenue lost to amal ...replicate across amal ???? birdage for Nat at fed HQ barley made 230 ? serious / if not embarrasing .....The groups are not working ...members here voted for single lib 2015 / passed at FED AGM ..over turned at..... finance meeting unmandated delegates .by voting on an invite ...NOT even a proposal >> and the games started already ...2014 / 15 ..RHS unable to put in WDA proposals on 12th oct to late for FED meeting ?OUR Fault !! Have to be by 15th oct WDA rule in hand book ...Just been informed by fed sec ...2015/16 .just get them in by end oct this year ?? Fed meeting to vote on wda proposals not before 15th ....SO as per last year will not be allowed to be put forward ??!!!!!!!!!!! We WILL SEE !!!!!WHY !! officials on HOLIDAY !! How do we get to choose groups !!!!?2016 /