WDA Pre AGM notes from Secretary


DATE Wed 10 Jan 2018 at 8-00pm
A/P--All Officials re-elected, Seconded by D/Ton, D/V, CF, CK
CK—Weather Committee:- P.Matthews, S.Meadows, M.Wade. If willing to accept-AP
CK—Emergency Committee, P.Matthews, S.Meadows, M.Wade, A.Brown, A.Coils if willing-AP
T/D—Emergency Committee to have power to bring race forward and have ability to alter race
D/V—Other Feds to have a say on weather committee rather than all from top side-WD


D/V—O/B all up together. Seconded by CK
D/V-- Replace Eastbourne & Billericay with new race points -WD
A/P—Replace Eastbourne Nat with Maidstone, having 2 Maidstones-DV
A/P—Replace 1st Billericay race with Buckingham or similar distance-DV
A/P—Find replacement point for Billericay, O/B &Y/B Seconded by W/D
W/D—Basket normal times on Saturday if race postponed, O/B & Y/B Seconded by N'C
T/D—Billericay Yearling race be part of WDA programme and all ages allowed to be sent for Club
and Fed honours only, All yearlings sent be £1-WD
T/D-- Normal basket time for Billericay, O/B & Y/B-CON
N/C—Basket 1 hour early for Billericay, O/B & Y/B-AP
N/C-- Basket 2 hours early for Maidstone, O/B & Y/B-CON
T/D-- O/B Programme, see graph
CF—DISPATCH:- In the event of a race being put back 24 hours pick up times to be left to
discretion of officials, O/B &Y/B-DV
Looks like o/b race programme same as 2017 with maybe EASTBOURNE and BILLERICAY
replaced with ????


CF—Longest race be Tours-AP
A/P—Only one open race and that to be Queens Cup-AP, DV, CON, WD
T/D—Support all NEHU races, Seconded by N/C
Looks like channel will be BURBURE/??, ROYE QC, TOURS, ROYE NAT, BURBURE/??


CON—Any Fed proposing groups are forced to vote for putting rule 13a &13b back in the rule
D/V—Re-instate rule 13a & 13b, Secondered by CON, CK
N/C—North/South groups for 1st 4 Y/B races, North group, T/D, A/P, N/C, South group, 3cs, d'ton
W/D, All up together at T/Hall-D'TON
D'Ton—North & South 1st 4 races, South Section be D'Ton, WD, CK, CF, North Section as other
Feds want, South Section will take any Feds left.-CON
W/D—Y/Bs North & South or all up together Seconded by T/D
CK--1st 4 Y/B races in groups, 1 group to be 3cs or 2cs-CON
CON—3cs, 2cs or single lib-CROOK
A/P-- Revert back to 9 YB races, Seconded by T/D,D/V
CK—Lib times:-1st 3 O/B races and ALL Y/B races no libs before 9am with no time restrictions
on allother races-COCKFIELD
N/C—Liberation times O/B & Y/B be 7am-CON
N/C-- Y/Bs no libs after 10am Seconded byT/D
D/V-- No Y/B liberations after 12 o'clock from more than 150 miles [to garage?]-WD, D'TON
Anything could happen between all up together or each Fed having a single lib
my bet is 1, North:- [T/D, AP, N/C], 2, South:- [W/D, D'TON,] 3, [3Cs] with D/V to choose
any 1 from 3


A/P-- Y/B Programme,
T/D-- Y/B Programme, see graph


N/C-- Transporter pick ups to be as North group:-N/C, A/P, T/D-T/D
CON—More training-AP
A/P-Training to be pre season and mid week in blocks of 4 for £20, dates arranged and kept to-CON


CF—WDA Birdage costs same as 2017 if viable
CK—20 birds per basket on all races over 250 miles
N/C—Strays at WDA stray centre be returned to clubs on Friday nights, charge £5-CON
Against DEFRA rules, No strays allowed on transporter with race birds [no proof of
T/D—For members who do not drive or are unable to pick up strays at stray centre arrange to be
transported on a Friday to clubs [during racing season] and charge £5 per bird
Against DEFRA rules

W/D—Breeder/Buyer to have 2 sales 1 North, 1 South-D'TON
D/V—WDA Breeder/Buyer to be held at Bearpark, dates and times to be confmed, sec by CK


D/V—Would it be possible to mark out the WDA boundaries to show North, South, East, West
instead of grid referance
Alan Brown handed out a map showing boundaries, This needs to be passed at the AGM as
the DEFINATIVE MAP of the WDA BOUNDARIES and placed in the minute book


Just a thought if these stray pigeons were lost racing would the WDA not already have them listed as being vaccinated from the start of the season when the certificates were handed in, the transporter only receives one copy at the beginning of the season? I might be looking at this wrong but what's the difference whether it's one I'm racing that weekend or one being returned from a previous race?

Could every member who sends to there first race not give a copy of vaccination sheet to wagon driver then any West Durham stray would be on sheets appropriate to that wagon doing away with problem with Defra allowing wagons to transport amour srays helping all members
Alan Todd