Mid week club

So its that time of the year—our agm is on the 13TH January and we will be accepting applications for membership.
No fortunes to be won but great bragging rights down at the Saturday club—or sometimes its tail between your legs as you have had your a r se kicked—lol
No big teams here but you can send the rest of your team training —leaving at 8 mine are usually back from catterick at about 9.30 to 9.40 —well how do you think I done as well at the sat club—all down to training and the quick 84 mile race midweek for 8 hopefuls
So you don’t have enough birds —-well that might be right —but I started last year with under 30 old birds and all my young birds went to first race 29 in total —finished the season with 24 young birds flying mid week and Saturdays always sending full team on Saturday and 8 to midweek——are you too soft with them ?
Well we would like you to attempt to tan our ars-s but I can tell you it wont be easy as our sprint birds are second to none but you are welcome to try.
THE MEMBERS OF HIGH SPEN MID WEEK CLUB based at the VALE OF DERWENT CLUB extends the hand of sportsmanship and invite you to ring James or john on 07902946902. Or 07944037387
For any queries about joining