Paula & les charity auction 10/3/19

Charity auction
For peritoneal malignancy institute basingstoke
Will be held on Sunday 10th march at The Oxhill Central Working Mans Club viewing 12-1

The Peritoneal Malignancy Institute Basingstoke specialises in the surgical treatment of patients with tumours and cancer that has spread to the peritoneum. Early may 2018 a very close friend Paula Robson got diagnosed with this form of cancer, Paula and her husband got called into the hospital to be told the cancer was to vigorous and there was nothing else they could do for her by her doctor. They then received a letter from Basingstoke hospital to go for an appointment that was one day later from the appointment with the other hospital, we rang to make sure they still wanted to see them due to the news that they got told the day before and they confirmed they did, at the appointment the doctor said they would like to operate and they agreed, so les and paula travelled down the Basingstoke two days before the operation to prepare, after the operation the doctor said that it had went well and the outlook at the minute is looking well they had removed everything. So on behalf of les and Paula Robson we have organised a pigeon auction to raise money for the ward as they were fantastic and arranged everything for les and Paula including accommodation.
I Stafford needs no introduction 3x wda wins 1xunc only a hand full of people have managed to win the up north combine and west Durham amal.
shield bros, A Hawthorn. Top nehu lofts
Elliott & Watson, multi up north combine winner 2x nehu open wins in one season
Geber van den brande, 1 direct youngster gifted to the sale from the men them selves
Plus many more top birds : if anyone else would like to help please contact me on :
James Whitney 23 Keswick Road Stanley co Durham dh97qt tel; 07961797987
Sale list for pigeons
• Pinkerton & Craik
• Wright draper wright
• A Hawthorn
• Bolam bros
• G lucas
• D Henderson
• M phillips
• S Bowman
• G Douglas
• Jobey Bainbridge & scott
• P simpson
• I Stafford
• Brown and Croudace
• Twentyman & Carrick
• L Gilbert
• Smith & moss
• P stobbs
• T Ashew
• Bob Mckie
• D mckenna
• J trainer
• P Jowett
• S Wilson
• D powers
• Soderland & Maddison
• Elliot & Watson
• Shield bros
• NKR mckimm
• P Matthews
• Woodroffe bros
• Clark bros
• S forster (preston)
• Hodgson son & crowe
• Morton son & hodgson
• Wade brothers
• John smale (wales)
• Scammel peploe & Bromley (wales)
• A Buttreig & sons (wales)
• Mr & Mrs T Harris
• Jan & tom Iwens
• Gebrs van den Brande
• Mr & Mrs s Lewis
• Parker & Southern
• Mr & Mrs peirson & Purver
• M Pearce
• Terry Knox
There is also a raffle with donations from local shops and business and also a raffle for a pigeon loft from l&l timber, and a separate raffle of pigeon products.
We would all hope to see as many of you there to help raise as much as we can to this great cause thank you for taking the time to read this see you sunday