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NEHU Centenary Race

At last nights NEHU meeting details were agreed for the race ,

The NEHU was formed in 1919 and to celebrate the event a race is being organised.

The race is from Brighton on Saturday 8th June

All lofts are allowed to enter 2 free birds with their parent club ,no loft can enter more than 2 birds

Centre marking ,same day as Queens Cup

2 hour rule will be suspended

All results to be sent to NEHU office within 7 days of race

Prizes to be presented at NEHU show or presentation night

1st prize £500 plus a gold medal ,plus a rose bowl donated by south feeds

2nd Prize £300 plus silver medal

3rd Prize £200 plus bronze medal

Badge for each club and federation winner

Possibility of other prizes

Birds will go to race in Up North Combine wagon , WDA will be ferried in with Queens Cup birds and will be meet at Darlington by UNC

For the Queens Cup and Brighton races it is important that all organisations agree on weather decisions,so for this race only each fed in the NEHU will have a vote on the Wednesday and the majority will be the decision

Alan Brown