richmond hs

well racing just around the corner, over at rhs we are nearly ready for the new season ?
big thanks to our newest member Ian Mcintosh taken over ets and has it sorted without any drama .
just baskets to varnish ,
on a bad note our member john who topped the amal 2018 has been broken into , stock birds taken / baskets etc , luckily the two amal birds are kept else where , please be vigilant ... any info all ways welcome ?

anyone looking for some quality YB s rhs Breeder / Buyer is this Sunday at comrades club Richmond , 1.00pm ...the amount of AMAL winning lofts that send ybs is fantastic . don,t normaly fetch the amount they maybe should , pop down and grab a bargain .normally good raffle

Fed Members in darlington will need to on there game , as we will be looking to take the FED shield from them this year.
Confidence must be high as a number of our lads have bought into the £11 ring scheme ,
BOP been busy at my loft / taken latest one last week with a number missing since xmas .. taken the edge off preparations at Scooby lofts . best yb last year taken (sick as a chip)
seen members out training weeks ago ,, keen or what ,
a number of DAR rings left if anyone wants more , let me know .