Maidstone National Sunday 12th May 2019 Convoyers Report

Fri 7,20 spoke to Stephen and Martin vote was 3 to 0 not to go

Sat 7.20 spoke to Stephen and Martin vote was 3 to 0 to go

Sat morning spoke to Alan about possibility of bringing pick up times forward to see if we could get to Maidstone earlier,he said yes if we can get agreement with lakes people to open gates , spoke to an agent at lakes and he agreed to open gates at about 11pm so we could get on site to have a possibility of an early liberation, Alan sent message to Feds to change pick up times

Sat 2.00 arrived at yard picked up Crook, Cockfield,West Durham and Darlington in the trailer , meet other 2 wagons at Barton ,changed trailer over to another wagon , and left at 6.00 with 2 wagons and 1 trailer ,leaving one wagon parked up at Barton ,arrived on site at 11.30 gates opened ,birds opened up and watered by 12.15

Sunday morning up at 5.45 with thick mist on site and also mist in Lincolnshire,7,40 mist cleared , waited for Durham Combine to liberate , liberated at 8.20 with no wind turning variable on route, birds cleared very well in cloudless skies

Peter Mathews posted by Alan Brown

Basket numbers

Crook 13, Cockfield,27, West Durham,45,Darlington 25,
Consett 50, Deerness Valley 13,Newcastle 25,Tyne Derwent 25,
Annfield Plain 23
Total 246