Roye Queens Cup 9th June 2019 Convoyers Report

Wed. NEHU Feds voted to go

Thursday 6.00 went to yard picked up Cockfield,West Durham and back to yard for 7.30 , all wagons returned to yard and all baskets for Roye put onto 1 wagon and all baskets for Brighton on another ,setting off to collect Darlington and setting off from Darlington at 8.45 .
Brighton wagon collected Darlington birds then meet up with UNC and handed over birds
Arrived at docks for 3.30 am and sailing on the 4.20 ferry ,off ferry at 6.10 ,arrived at Roye at 8.30 birds watered and opened up by 9.15
Birds fed and rewatered at 4 pm
Sat up at 6.00 raining on site and most of England,birds held over
Birds fed and rewatered at 5 pm waters checked regularly
Sunday up at 4.30 ,clear blue skies ,good in all of England ,all 4 organisations decided to go at 6.00 ,UNC decided to change time to 5.50 birds cleared well
On way back towards Arras birds were seen heading towards Belgium border this was at about 7.30
Basket numbers
Cockfield 8, West Durham,8,Crook 4,Consett 12,Newcastle 6
Darlington 6,Annfield Plain 8.Deerness Valley 5,Tyne Derwent 12

Peter Mathews posted by Alan Brown