Charity sale

Due the the Corona situation we have decided ( to avoid a gathering) to have this sale via Facebook or you can place a bid by phone. Patrick has put a lot of work into this and it would be good to some money for a very worthy cause. Sale will finish Sunday 22march 8pm. Lots are in comments.


Some of the top lots from lofts in the WDA and the further afield

1. Jowett and partner
2. Ronnie Evans
3. Cassidy bros
4. G+J Harding
5. Todd+son
6. James Goldsborough
7. Gary Cox
8. Tumley Loft Stud
9. Luna's bros+Gender
10. Mr+Mrs Hopton
11. John Hodgson
12. N.K.R Mckimm
13. A. Parker+sons
14. Mrs B Matthews+son
15. G,J Marshall+son
16. Samuels+Lovel
17. R. Petiejean
18. P. Taylor+sons
19. Ian Mortimer
20. Grady,Chapple+Sharp
21. Eric Reynolds
22. Stafford+May
23. Elliot+Watson
24. Crawford+son
25. Wade bros
26. Morgan,son+daughter
27. Blue ridge Lofts
28. Wallace bros+Hall
29. Kristen Coils
30. Breeze+son
31. B. Cheetham+son
32. John Weldon
33. Alfie Hawthorne
34. Parker+Southern
35. John Vest
36. Tucker,West+son
37. D. Carman
38. Lamb bros+son
39. Mr+Mrs Walton
40. B.Ford, son+grandson [6 YBs]
41. Jamie Brown
42. S+M Jordan
43. Mr+Mrs Sparks
44. M. Denham+son
45. G+C Jayne
46. Forge Lofts


I will be putting 6 ybs as 1 lot, They will be ready end of next week off race birds, pick from about 20, I put 4 in Micky Moor sale last week, they have 1st pick, They were all bred for Breeder /buyers but that is knackered now, all single reared

Paul Jowett's is bred from 2 direct Yves Dr Wit birds.
Sire is a grizzle, a grandson of the famous 'Pitbull' and direct from Yves number 1 hen. The dam is a full sister to 'Den Tornado' one of the best young birds to race into Belgium, sold by Stefaan Lambrecht for £8000, full brother sold for£1800 at Blackpool this year

whats the latest bids on these shaun many thanks

Well done Patrick