richmond hs / Folkingham

long morning waiting to hear if birds were up / knowing Vince had DC away at 06.00am ,
at 12.10 transport lads had em away gusty north west wind , sunny at Scooby lofts . wind picking up ,,,first bird trapped well , due to not having phone . followed him in to check time . found screen on clock blank , Grandson had only flicked socket off .. OAP sprinting down / back up garden ,to pick cock up put him back on pad . Phew !!!
don,t think it would of altered result ,
Of which .7 lofts . sent 109 birds better , but still lofts not sending ..
only 5 old birds races left lads ...
tight finish went in the favour of ......................

1st R Dixon dtr 1249.5.....5/10p
2nd G Barker son 1248.3..............25p
3rd G Barker son 1236.1
4th R Dixon dtr 1219.5
5th M M Bell 1218.7
6th M M Bell 1210.7
7th W Mellor 1183.5
8th W Mellor 1094
9th D Hobson 1070
well done Ray
over at Roman rd
1st D Murphy 1363.7
2nd W Mellor 1346.7 pools to Will
3rd W Mellor 1346.2
4th D Murphy 1314.7
5th D Fletcher 1276.
6th D Fletcher 1221
7th J skelton 1087
tough day in both clubs returns again erratic , Scooby lofts unable to send with D C , partner wanted to watch soaps /// can you believe it ????
well done Mr Murphy
Scooby lofts had 3 back Sunday ...still couple adrift

Note sec informed lads . A Hawthorn to sell some YB,s for transport Funds .. I,ll be keeping an eye on that sale // hope our lass is away that weekend !!!!