WDA Grantham Convoyers report

Chief Convoyers Report
WDA Grantham
Friday arrived in yard at 6.20pm picked up crook fed and attached trailer to the MAN left yard at 6.30pm. At 8.30pm we arrived at Barton Services were baskets from DV, CON and DAR feds were transhipped on to the wagon picking up the top feds and the trailer, left Barton at 9.30pm. We arrived to Grantham for 00.30am birds were watered up by 1.00am curtains were opened and shutters were lifted. 7.00am no word till 8 blue skies and broken cloud on site, both wagon and trailer fully opened waters were splashed and topped up for the birds hoping to lib within the hour. 7.55am birds were liberated in sunshine blue skies and broken clouds, South West Wind birds cleared excellent. Line of flight, Newark, Worksop, Doncaster, Wetherby, Wakefield, Ripon, Catterick, Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Cockfield, Crook, Durham, Consett, Stanley, Newcastle.

J Profitt