Thoresby Hall 16thJuly 2017 Convoyers Report

Fri ,vote was 3 to 0 not to go

Sat vote was 2 to 1 to go to Peterborough

Sat ,at yard for 12.00 went out picking up West Durham,Cockfield,Crook ,back to yard sorted into 2 wagons and 1 trailer leaving at 5.30

Arrived on site at 10 pm

Sunday, up at 5.30 ,broken skies on site but black cloud to the north , not improving

8.00 decision made to move back to Thoresby Hall

9.45 Arrived on site at Thoresby Hall with broken skies and improving

11.55 cut strings,a broken basket front dropped ,( club have been informed) so all birds were liberated at 11.55 in a west wind

Set off back to yard at 12.30

Basket numbers

Crook 8. Cockfield 19,Consett 34, Deerness Valley 18,
West Durham 38, Darlington 16,Tyne Derwent 21
Newcastle 17,Sacriston 20, Annfield Plain 26

Total 217

Dan Jenkins ,posted by Alan Brown