£1000 pound challenge open to WDA Boundary (dependant on ring sales)

NEHU AP11 to AP20 one ring only per loft .
One prize -dependant on ring sales
The Race the gamble is to placed is the young bird national ,whatever race that may be ,if wda don’t have a youngbirds national race all monies returned .
If no challenge birds make it to race all monies returned
If no challenge birds are clocked by 10pm on day of the race all monies returned.
All claims must be accompanied by a basketing list and clocking list signed by club officials.

£1000 pound challenge open to Annfield Plain Federation boundary

10 rings £100 pound each,AP1 to AP10 —-£1000 pound,same rules as 2019
Nine rings have been sold .
AP10 is still up for grabs,must be raced in Annfield Plain fed.

Last year eight birds made it to the race from 10 rings sold and Fantarrow and Green won the £1000 pounds.

WDA Insurance

Brian and I have had a very good meeting with our insurance broker , the meeting lasted 3 hours and we went through all details of our insurance

One area were are light in was the reinstatement value of the building and arrangements have been made to deal with that

Some areas we were over insured in ,stock , cash handling , employers liability which is based on payroll, all of these have been reduced , so the broker is adjusting them and our costs accordingly

Alan Brown

WDA Photographer

Greg Marshall has taken over the role as photographer for the WDA ,Greg will do the outstanding ones from 2019 and all in 2020

The WDA pays Greg costs and travel expenses for taking the photograph and supplying an electronic copy for the handbook for all WDA race winners , YB Sprint Champion ,OB Sprint Champion and WDA Best bird
The WDA will inform Greg once the winner is confirmed
If a member wants there own copy the members needs to pay Greg for a copy

Alan Brown

Five 2020 summer bred youngbirds

YOU WONT GET BETTER THAN THESE—not great grandchildren but off winners or brother/sister to winners at highest level.

Pigeon 1– bird will be bred by M Lyons off his 1st WDA winner 2019 young bird national or its parents so sister or brother to 1st wda winner. (Hardy Crugger )

Pigeon2-bird will be bred by Turnbull/son and Nicola Teasdale off his 2018 WDA Winner-Hawthorn blood one side.

Pigeon 3-bird will be bred by Hannet/James off 1st Durham Combine Winner 2019–Gary Cox blood.

Greenside HS show races

GREENSIDE HS Show races:. 2nd INLAND NATIONAL (Maidstone) 112 birds @ £3 per bird less 15% = £285.60 plus £314.50 pools total £600.10 to race for......... QUEENS CUP 114 birds at £5 per bird less 15% £484.50 plus £319.00 pools total £803.50 to race for........... LONGEST race 40 birds @ £5 per bird less 15% = £170 plus £100 donation plus £123.50 pools total £393.50 to race for.......... Thanks to John Nixon from consett for donation. QUEENS CUP & LONGEST RACE prize pot may change if organisations aren't liberated together as will be paid out PRO RATA.

GREENSIDE HS Queen's cup show race

Thanks to everyone who made the effort yesterday excellent turn out for the Queen's cup show race with lofts from the UNC & the WDA entering birds. Well done to Alfie Hawthorn again taking Best in show (with the nestmate to last weekend's Best in show). Well done to Jamie Brown for best opposite sex. Thanks to David Little and Ray Southgate for doing a brilliant job judging. Will post numbers when we get sorted out within the next couple of days.


Good evening I was just wondering when club's would be issued with the rings thanks.

Queen's cup and longest race show races

Reminder: Greenside HS SHOW RACE for QUEENS CUP open to NEHU this Saturday 4th Jan penning 11.30-12.30...... 2 Birds in pens then nominate another 4 ring numbers £5 per bird plus pools. All entry money paid out less 15%. All pool money paid out. There is also an OPEN BOOK for the longest race also open to NEHU Ring numbers only. £5 per bird plus pools all entry money paid out less 15% there is a £100 donation already in for longest race from John Nixon of consett.


PRE-AGM to be held at Dreadnought Club, Esh Wining on Wednesday 8th January at 7-30pm. all welcome to observe.


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