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Dear pigeonfriend,

As you know, for a few years already, I’m organising an indoor pigeon market at the football ground in Bevel. This year again it’s at the same weekend as Houten spring Show in Holland, it’s on Friday March 1é. It’s only 30 min from Antwerp and 10 min from Lier where market is on the Sunday. With loads of parking aria for the coaches it isn’t a problem to get there close to the front door.
There is a bar and a hamburgers stall indoor.

Kenny Hooker memorial cancer sale

A sale of top quality pigeons is being held on pigeon news and results Up North Combine Facebook page top lofts from West Durham Amal Up North Combine and others please support this worth cause if you can
You can contact me 07939107512 if you need any information sale will end Sunday 17Th February
Alan Todd

WDA Driver Required

We are looking for an extra driver to join the team of drivers and helpers

Class 1 or Class 2 with an up to date CPC record

Main duties will be to ferry in the birds and return empty baskets with an occasional race

Please contact myself ,number is in handbook

Alan Brown

WDA agm Race programme

Last nights agm the following was agreed subject to availability of racepoints with dispatch day


Thanks to all that took part in our shows both have been successful. We are looking into having a one through the season for ybs( for yb national )

And thanks to the VERY few clubs members who helped you know who you are .

G.Wallace (CHAIRMAN)


Tindale crescent h.s Tours

£360 prize money
1st £210
2nd £150

G Wallace

Tindale crescent show second inland national

breakdown of show pools and prize money for the Tindale Crescent 2nd inland national show race for 2019 season
82 birds in show
61 birds nominated
143 birds @ £2 -£286 prize money on day of race
140 birds pooled to give a total of £346 pools
140 birds pooled @ 50p -£140
134 birds pooled @ £1-£134
36 birds pooled @ £2-£72
Total money to be flown for on the day of the race is £632

Gary Wallace

Stolen Pigeon Baskets, St. Helen Auckland, Allotments

4 in number Pigeon Baskets have been stolen from Hart Bros. & Douthwaite , Pigeon Loft, on Wednesday 23rd January 2019.
All baskets are marked with their names, they are not rich members and participate in a poor mans sport, a sport in which we encourage young people to take part, but this sort of thing discourages them, because of the cost to replace what has been stolen.
All help in finding the Culprits will be well appreciated.
Thank You,
Sonny Douthwaite


We are offering our first round of youngsters from stock birds for sale.The birds were paired up on 27th December and all went down on eggs with in 14 days (probably due to the mild weather) eggs are due to start hatching for 26th January onwards in the stock loft 18 pairs we have retired racers with multiple club and fed wins,birds that have bred multiple club and federation winners many winning 1st Bob's top ten up to 11,000 birds and many top WDA positions and top 2004 we introduced our present day family of birds which were purchased from Andre Roodhooft they have gone on to

Letter from NEHU President

It,s disappointing that I have again to remind some members about
the way they are conducting themselves.
Our sport is facing a difficult enough future without the constant harassment and abuse that is hurled at officials and individuals .
Decisions must be made which often results in someone not agreeing or disappointed with the out come.That does not mean that it gives that person the right to abuse anyone.
NEHU rules 46 - 51 covers discipline and what action may be taken.
The reason these rules are not taken UP ENOUGH is often the victim



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