High Spen Mid Week Club Any Age

Well weather was s-it on Wednesday so we raced today instead.
OLD BIRDS and Young birds liberated at 12.45 at pontefract --75 to our front man 86miles to the back man approx.
Well rain on route and well overcast so no high velocities expected.
1st F Babak --1282ypm
2nd Jobes bros and Stephenson --1281ypm
3rd Jobes bros and Stephenson --1280ypm
4th Jobes bros and Stephenson --1280ypm
5th Smith and Ovington ---1278ypm
6th A Slee and G/daughter --1278ypm
7th James Goldsborough Welsh and son --1277ypm
8th Smith and Ovington --1268ypm
9th A Slee and G/daughter --1267ypm
10th Mr Mrs Storey --1262ypm
1ST 2ND 3RD AND 4TH --Smith and Ovington 1281ypm 1280ypm, 1277ypm and 1275ypm
5TH Goldsborough Welsh and son --1151ypm .