Richmond hs / Season 2023 winners pts

With 2023 now closed quick update on pts Ave winners / not seen some fanciers since OB season

top loft combined points .
R Dixon dt 98pts WELL DONE RAY ************
G Barker son 47pts
M M Bell 45pts
C Browne 25pts
W Meller !7pts
J Nelson 8pts
M Johnson
I Mcintosh
J Tiffany
D Hobson
M Johnson flying only odd old bird race , has decided to pack in with the birds , all have now gone & loft is currently been made into man cave , all the best Luggie
I Mcintosh i dont recall sending this season, J Tiffany again only sending to a few old bird races . with no ybs at all , D Hobson again never sent at all , 2024 sees two applications to join (unofficial at moment) hopefully more members will get motivated to send ??
Old bird inland
R Dixon dtr 59 WELL DONE RAY*****
M M Bell 38
C Browne 25
G Barker son 19
W Meller 17
J Nelson 2
Young Bird
R Dixon dtr 39
G Barker 28
M M Bell 7
J Nelson 6
BIRD of YEAR R Dixon dtr 15 pts *****
best Young Bird R Dixon dtr 7 pts ******
WELL DONE ALL ....BIG THANKYOU TO OUR FED,FED MEMBERS !! making,, marking quick easy , enjoyable ,
VERY SPECIAL THANKS to STAINDROP HS assisting us with BREEDER BUYER ECT & all lads who sent birds .
PLEASE send claims for best performance with a bird bought at sale .£100 up for grabs / May be best sent to G Barker ??
A B apologies if missed anything