Convoyers report Folkingham

Racepoint Folkingham
Friday at 8.00pm arrived in yard baskets from WD and CF were transhipped on to the trailer, left yard at 9.00pm to continue picking up remaining clubs. All wagons arrived on site at 2.00am this being that the sat nav took us to a different entrance of the site which was not suitable for wagon and drag to get down therefore I rang the president at approximately 1 45am and asked him if he knew there was another entrance to site, but during this time we put a different post code in sat nav and it took us straight to the site. All birds were watered by 2 30am curtain buckles were loosen and shutters were lifted a couple of inches. Saturday at 6.00am no word till 8.00am waiting to see what other organisations such as UNC DC AND GYA were doing at Grantham, weather on site full blue skies sun just starting to come up but bitter cold. 8 10am birds were liberated sunshine blue skies in a fresh North North West wind visibility was excellent. Line of flight,
Grantham, Worksop, Wetherby, Ripon, Catterick, Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Cockfield, Crook, Consett, Stanley, Blaydon, Newcastle.
Can all clubs please check front flaps and back of baskets we notice a few broken canes on back of baskets from numerous clubs. AP fed was notified by the president as we did have a problem with some of there baskets.