darligton / district fed...Richmond hs

Hi RHS members !!!

Our fed is in need of some funds , any ideas how to raise some,? a special meeting is to be held at FED 20th Feb
any suggestions welcome. we realy do want some suggestions please...

a sensible look at fed fee,s / .expenses,,,,, will be needed at next years AGM..to secure funds going forward ,,,,already fixed for 2015..
note we as a fed had £ 1200,float .12 months ago ,but some of our clubs thought this to much to hold in bank . so passed proposals to reduce by upping point money ,now we have too little ?? you figure em !!..you wonder why lads object to fees going up ..!!!

After speaking to Ged , he & I thought it unwise to call a meeting with the weather like it is,,just for this one item ? so chat & forward any suggestions to club or fed sec !!! I shall arrange to go with Ray ,,,feed back any info !!